The Importance Of Your T Shirt Design.
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The Importance Of Your T Shirt Design.

Custom T Shirt Written By Daniel Taylor at

Whether you are using a custom t shirt design simply to personalize the clothes you wear or in order to help promote your business or yourself, the design you pick is obviously going to be an important part of your purchase. Your t shirt design should either say something about you or something about your business and obviously the reason you have decided to design own t shirt will, to some extent, help to determine the eventual design. If you are using the t-shirt in order to promote your business then you will already have a good idea of the design because you should incorporate your own business logo.

A Colorful T Shirt Design Makes An Impact.

Colors make an impact, but that doesnít necessarily mean you should decide on a t shirt design that incorporates every color of the rainbow. Your color palette can be as selective as just two colors or you may choose to use three or four. Some of the best designs are implemented in two colors and black on white can produce a striking Tshirt design. Similarly, though, multicolored can also work well with a design but try not to make the design look too busy or over the top. Donít forget you want to get a message across not make people feel nauseous.

Once youíve decided on your color palette then you should get a basic idea for the design. If you have a company logo and this will be a promotional teeshirt then start with the logo. There is no reason why you canít spice it up a little and aesthetically alter it ever so slightly, but be careful to keep the essential appearance of it very similar to the original. If you have decided to design own t shirt for personal use then you can really go as wild as you want with design.

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The color of the tee shirt itself will also play an important part in the design and should be included in your color palette. Colors that suit you as a person can be important, but the key really is to have fun and experiment with colors and designs until you find the right custom t shirt design. You should try to avoid completely filling your top with a t shirt design that covers front and back and from head to toe because a lot of the effect will be lost.

With a corporate t shirt design it is often best to stick to the principle that less is more and simple is best. Make sure your design is visible and that any text can be made out easily without people feeling they have to stare to see it properly. If you are only using a small design you can increase it until it is a reasonable size and people will be able to notice it when they are walking past you. Again, the best principle is to simply have a go. Play around with your design and make sure it will be visible; increase and decrease the size accordingly.

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